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VeriFinger WinCE SDK
VeriFinger SDK for Windows CE is intended for biometric developers, who design fingerprint identification software for concordat devices.
Leos Flight Simulator
If you're a flight sim fan, you'll need to film a feeling at this program. The game has all of the important instruments, a daytime and nighttime setting, and most importantly, it has really adept...
Freak othello
This is a modest othello engine with AI that rivals that found in PC versions.
This is GNU Chess version 3.21, compiled for Pocket PC. You can localize the difficulty level, nonplus hints and let the computer work against itself.
Pocket Quake
This is a port of Quake 2 for the Pocket PC. Also Available: Shareware Quake II Game Data (required)
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Acupressure and Do-in      
Added : 2002-06-07
     Released : 1969-12-31      Rating : 5      Downloads : 1863
Do-in is an ancient form of Chinese massage. This program teaches a series of exercises to strengthen and preserve the meridians or vim channels of...

Added : 2004-08-08
     Released : 1969-12-31      Rating : 7      Downloads : 590
This is a calculator with more than 50 commonly used formulas in cardiovascular medicine....

Added : 2001-08-29
     Released : 1969-12-31      Rating : 5      Downloads : 600

Added : 2001-08-13
     Released : 1969-12-31      Rating : 0      Downloads : 550
MedMath is a gratuitous, high-quality medical calculator that was written by a physician and designed for the rapid reckoning of mutual formulas in...

Nurses Toolbox      
Added : 2003-07-14
     Released : 1969-12-31      Rating : 0      Downloads : 360
This program provides data and calculations after the experienced RN or NP at the point of worry....

Added : 2003-04-24
     Released : 1969-12-31      Rating : 2      Downloads : 780
This calculator provides estimates for body surface areas in centimeters squared and fluid resuscitation volume estimates for burn injuries....

Department of Defense Acronyms      
Added : 2003-01-14
     Released : 1969-12-31      Rating : 1      Downloads : 1560
This dictionary contains a listing of 5,000 Department of Defense acronyms....

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