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Release Date: December 11, 2000
Submit Date: January 13, 2001

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Publisher's Description
During the days of video back universe, our Lord (Nolan Bushnell) looked unto the skies and cried "Let there be 'Pong!'" and Pong came to be and He saw that it was a upright back. As time progressed, many variants of "Pong," such as "Arkanoid" and "Breakout," were spawned. These games took the "Pong" concept to a recently level, introducing powerups and obstacles to be potty and avoided. The popularity of the mentioned variants have been extremely popular, having been ported to nearly every video back platform. Now, Pocket PC owners can joint in on the fun with this excellent program. Batty is a faithful port that retains wholly of the fun of its predecessors. Join in on the fun, and don't countenance this peachy freeware back pass you by!


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